Cooking classes in English

Some of our cooking classes are now available in English as well! Be aware that the booking of the classes is on the same page as the classes in german. So make sure to pick the correct date! :). 

Israeli Kitchen



Israel is one of the friendliest countries in the world when it comes to vegan food! Who knows this better than Inbar, who used to live there. Now she shares her knowledge with us!



Some of the dishes for the class will be 




Hummus & Tahini


Spicy Matbucha

Israeli Salad with Za’atar

Beets & Cumin Salad

Mujaddara Carrots & Cranberries Salad

Fried Eggplants

Green Falafel

Veggie Burekas



The next English class will take place on Thursday, 28th of march!

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